We are Brenna Brooks of Brenlow Properties in Louisville, KY and Wendy Doris of FlippinWendy Design in Phoenix, AZ. We are house flippers that found each other through Instagram and began chatting about our experiences flipping houses in different cities. We found that while some things were different about the locations, much of it was the same. After several months of internet chats, we decided to meet up in Cincinnati where Wendy was living at the time. It turned out neither of us were a murderer, so a friendship was born!

Soon after that meeting, we began evaluating how often we were each asked “How do you flip a house?” Since we had a combined 16 years experience, we had a lot to say, however, we also had a difficult time meeting with each person who wanted to pick our brains. Time wouldn't allow for it so we decided to put everything we knew in one place. Our eBook, Shut Up and Flip A House Already: A Guide to Help You Shit or Get Off The Pot was born.

A year after the launch of our eBook, we realized we still missed that face to face teaching. The eBook is packed with information, but some people still had individualized questions. We also wanted to include a hands on experience. So, we launched a Shut Up And Flip Already Seminar where we could interact with those wanting to join the ranks of us crazy house flippers.

Today, we are each plugging along with our own flips in two different cities, as well as designing for homeowners and other house flippers. To learn more about each of us, follow the links below!